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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Project #2: The Williams Chronicles

Hey...to the folks from Tulsa who visit almost every day - chill out. This isn't about you.

My Aunt Sandy - ( Sarah Maude (Williams) Connelly ) - was our family historian, simply because she threw almost nothing away. I have photos dating back to the 1800's, letters written over 50 years ago, and boxes of unexplored goodies that I've decided to scan, photograph, and otherwise convert to digital files that I can save to a CD and send to our relatives.

That project will require a great deal of time that was otherwise spent here, but as the unofficial family historian of this generation, I'm committed to seeing it through.

Here are a few pics from my Aunt Sandy's wedding album that I recently received from my sister.

Below: Aunt Sandy on ( I believe ) her wedding day.


The envelope below contained a letter to Aunt Sandy written by my great grandmother, Sarah Maude (Stewart) Williams. To my knowledge, it's the only letter in her handwriting that anyone has.

Thanks...Aunt Sandy!

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