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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gas Bubbling from the Susquehanna River

At this point, I'll just pass along this latest tidbit of news.

I'll comment on it at a later date, more than likely in a live news feed from the office of the company with the drillpad closest to this location.

This may be the tipping point for this river advocate. More as this sad story develops.



  1. So how are they going to spin this? "See, gas is naturally bubbling out of the Susquehanna, and it has nothing to do with us"?

  2. DB - Either that, or they'll avoid commenting altogether. It's hard to watch this happening.

  3. Thank you for your links and reporting. Its like a nightmare but I like to keep up to date anyway. The wellpads are beginning to proliferate around my home. How long until something goes bad in Columbia County or Luzerne County, I wonder. Seems like just a matter of time.