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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

OCCUPY PHILLY: Free the Turtles!

I decided to spend my lunch hour on Monday checking out the "Occupy Philly" gathering in center city Philadelphia.

Here are a few pics & comments.

I decided to check out the blue & red recycle bins in the pic below.

Does that water look inviting to you? Even the turtles want out.


I'm posting the pic below for one reason. I dropped a donation ( more than a buck ) into the bucket to support the folks who are taking the time out of their lives to participate in this event. I had eye contact with the young lady while doing so. 

Nothing...not even a thank you.
Your parents ( and the event organizers) should be proud...

The I, Me, My, Madonna generation is alive and well (?) and has descended upon Philadelphia. I bid them peace. 
P.S.:  All life on earth deserves respect.
Free the Turtles!

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