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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Toxic Tommy and other Observations

"The itinerary was released piecemeal, so as to avoid any inopportune encounters with tree-hugging wackos obsessed with air quality and drinking water that almost never bursts into flame."
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On a rainy Sunday morning, I'm still recuperating from a fast-paced Saturday. Between yard work, a two hour walk, another trip to the Old Carbon County Jail in Jim Thorpe, and my son's 21st birthday celebration...I'm not running at 78 rpm quite yet.

Anyway, as our family has some plans first thing this morning - a.k.a. attending Mass - I'll post some pics from yesterday and circle back once everyone is on their way.

Above: Shower room at the jail.
Below: Main Cell Block

Below: the view from inside one of the first floor cells.

I didn't just see that...

Yes, I did.


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