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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DCED Secretary Walker: "Frack Penn's Woods!"

Folks, if you have any doubt as to the mindset of other key players on PA Governor Tom Corbett's  Catastrophic Cabinet, read what DCED Secretary C. Alan Walker has to say here.

And if you know nothing about C. Alan Walker, spend a few moments here and here. And there's even more on Mr. Walker here

Team Tom-Tom has been floating a lot of trial balloons lately. This latest by CAW is just another one. Provided we don't figure out some way to remove Tom Corbett and his team from office, I have zero doubt that this administration will wreak havoc on this commonwealth that we will be cleaning up for the next seven generations. And it won't be limited to environmental issues.

Speaking of the environment; three months ago today, I published this post. I was on a long-planned family vacation at the time, and could not participate in the Harrisburg press conferences and other events planned to support the announcement. There was quite a bit of work involved in not only nominating the Susquehanna, but also in getting it to the #1 spot on American Rivers' annual Most Endangered list. And to this day, I continue to hear supposedly informed people say: "The Susquehanna was listed as one of America's most endangered rivers..."

Clueless still. It's THE most endangered river in America, and it will be for the next nine months.

Anyway, if you look around bloggerdom, there are a limited number of folks who - three months later - have any visible reference to this powerful designation on their websites. Here's one of them ( Thanks, Mark ). I'm not aware of any others. And that is truly disappointing.

Five or six years ago, shortly after the Susquehanna was named THE most endangered river in America due to sewage pollution AND a proposed inflatable dam, I clearly recall receiving an e-mail from a very well-connected and politically savvy friend who asked: "Do you really think we can stop this?"; referring to former Congressman Paul Kanjorski's plan to build the $14M inflatable dam on the Susquehanna River near Wilkes-Barre, PA.

My answer was "Yes." And we did.

I have been an advocate for the Susquehanna River for quite some time. I have been involved in environmental issues even longer. The Susquehanna's designation as America's most endangered river on May 17, 2011 was and still is a very powerful tool. Unfortunately, only a handful of us left-leaning, tree-hugging hypocritical radicals "get it."
And that is truly sad.
The I-me-my-Madonna generation is texting and tweeting  while their future has been sold to the highest bidder, and they are oblivious to pretty much everything else... 
P.S. - Our Kayaking Governor did get up close and personal with some foamy floaters on his recent three-day paddling trip. Thanks to whoever took that pic.


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