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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Marcellus Nightmare: Rage and Desperation


For those that have been stopping by for a while, you know about my Uncle Glenn's story; he sold his retirement home last year. It sat on 60 beautiful, wooded acres on a mountainside overlooking the Chenango River near Binghamton, NY. There were multiple outbuildings, including a to-die-for woodworking shop and a rustic wood-paneled cabin he built for his grandkids complete with an old-fashioned root cellar. Problem is...everyone around him had leased their property for NG drilling, and he chose not to. In the end, he realized what would happen to his private water well and property value if and when drilling began in NY, so he sold his home and moved elsewhere before its value plummeted. 

The view from Glenn's former property - April 2008

And so is the owner of the Bradford County property going to public auction on October 2nd.

What a shame.

Folks...three years ago, before many of the flavor-of-the-month fracking experts out there even heard of Marcellus Shale, I had logged over 2,000 miles ( in my Prius, of course ) attending meetings, testifying at public hearings...and continuing to expand my network. A decade before, I was doing much of the same in opposition to the now dead inflatable dam.

My point? I'm wired in at levels the folks who visit this blog from Tulsa, Harrisburg, Washington and parts unknown can't even imagine. And what am I seeing and hearing?

Rage and desperation.

Desperate people do desperate things. But desperation fueled by rage? My friends, that's a whole 'nother animal.

At some point soon, the simmering pot will boil over. I have no doubts whatsoever.


So while people like my Uncle Glenn and the Bradford County property owner selling his home at auction walk away from their dreams before they become complete nightmares...the Marcellus Shale proponents continue to spin their lies and the politicians in their back pockets continue to pad their campaign coffers.

  And I'm sure the latter folks feel all safe and protected.

To them...sweet dreams. 

Your wake-up call is just a few "inadvertent returns" away.

Trust me.


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