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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Laser Pipeline Shut Down...For Now!

"Laser did not return calls Friday afternoon."  

Post building. Read more here.

Folks, we have an opportunity here. The three spills in less than two weeks by the company drilling the natural gas pipeline under an exceptional value stream in Susquehanna County is a HUGE screw-up.


 Regardless of how they may spin it - or avoid discussing it altogether as they usually do - the NG folks are on their knees, wheezing and bleeding and waiting to be saved by the bell.

Although we may not (yet) be able to put them out of their misery, I TRULY believe this is a huge opportunity to change the course of where Pennsylvania is going that we should not pass up.

According to the article linked above, Laser is meeting with DEP Secretary Krancer on Monday. I will be posting an e-mail to Mr. Krancer here later this weekend, more than likely on Sunday morning at some point as I have a major backyard project this weekend that I have to get started.


Creating high-paying (trust me) jobs for my fellow Americans!

If we bury the DEP with e-mails, maybe - just maybe - Messrs. Krancer and Corbett will get an idea of how many eyes are focused on these events and what PA does in response to them.

More to follow.

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