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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Corbett Noshes in Tunkhannock

I find it amazing that PA Governor Tom Corbett went out of his way to keep his paddling schedule under wraps so that he could avoid being confronted by environmentalists ( a/k/a fellow Pennsylvanians ) as he traveled for three days on the Susquehanna recently, yet had plenty of time to nosh with representatives from the natural gas and supporting industries in Tunkhannock. Now in order to get all those folks together, there had to be some advance discussions and planning...don't you think?

Read more here.

Be it waters from our Class A trout streams or natural gas that's been locked underground for 300 million years, Tom Corbett and his entire cabinet are 100% in the corner of the unrestricted exploitation of our natural resources, regardless of the long-term environmental and social consequences.

How evil is Tom Corbett? I believe the answer is beyond our comprehension...


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