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Friday, November 12, 2010

Bed Bugs @ Kingston Corners

A building on Wyoming Avenue in Kingston ( Luzerne County ) PA, occupied primarily by senior citizens, has a bed bug problem. And even though the infestation has been known about for weeks - and perhaps even longer -  the building's management has not yet issued a formal notice/alert to the residents as a whole to take preventative measures to ensure the infestation does not spread. And the critters have already migrated from one infested unit on the 9th floor to another previously clean unit on the 10th.

I alerted a reporter at the ( Wilkes-Barre ) Citizen's Voice over a week ago about the problem, which still exists as of this moment, and I guess this issue wasn't considered newsworthy.

It is unconscionable to me that our elderly, many with health issues impairing their daily activities, should be treated with such disregard. Gross negligence doesn't even come close.

Today, I start making phone calls.

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  1. There is no sense of excellence being taught today. If you run a housing authority, do the absolute best you can.