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Friday, October 8, 2010

Natural Gas Driller Seneca Resources Destroys Exceptional Value PA Wetland

There are mistakes, and then there is complete, total and blatant disregard for anything and everything.

What Seneca Resources - a member of the enviro-terrorist Marcellus Shale Coalition - did to an exceptional value wetland in PA's Tioga State Forest is definitely the latter. How could anyone not know they were filling in a wetland? And how could the DEP limit the fine to $40,000 for intentionally destroying protected wetlands? That is a joke and an insult. Add two more zeros and you'll be in the ballpark.

The DEP needs to grow ( or hire ) a pair or two.

As you can probably sense, this could easily become one of my most nuclear posts, but I think Fracking Underground has already covered it adequately.

Hey...Renegade. Give me your real name and you've got my write-in vote. It's time to bring this to an abrupt halt.

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