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Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Marcellus-Mandarin Manifesto

Energy Independence? Do you really think the natural gas being fracked out of the Marcellus Shale is going to stay right here in Pennsylvania? Or New York? Or even on this continent?

Guess again, folks. This natural resource is going to be liquefied, transported to the nearest overseas terminal and shipped and sold to the highest bidder. And we will be left with tainted waters for generations to come.

Before it's too late...start connecting the dots. Think about it.

Where is this gas going?   And here?   And here? And did you know these GDF ( hmmm, what could I do with those letters? ) folks have a terminal along the east coast as well?  And guess where the gas is going to end up?

Try here.

If you do not think this is all about profit, and that the natural gas companies care about you and me, you are a complete and total fool.

Our very future is being sold to the highest bidders...and guess who that might be?

*** D. Natt contributed to this post ***


  1. Mo, no, no. You see, by causing foreign powers to become dependent on us for ebergy resources, we can become a major player on the global energy market. Like Saudi Arabia, or Venezuela, or...Nigeria...

  2. I had a discussion with the "producer", Aaron Price, of Gas Odyssey (a "documentary" using blatant lies and obfuscation from the gas industry), this past Tuesday at the Capitol, where the TWO HOUR movie was screened. (Talk about being bored to death and pissed off at the same time!)
    Mr. Price claimed that he didn't know for sure if the gas extracted here in PA would be sold on the open, worldwide market!! (But you and I know that it will be, the same as all other fuels).
    We have to offer folks an alternative to short-term money. The areas where drilling rigs are slated to operate are desperately depressed. They need to look into Common Security Clubs and/or Transition Towns. We can live without corporations trying to control our lives.

  3. Glad to see some "press" on the LNG situation. So many people think this gas will stay in PA or even the U.S. WRONG. The are a few mothballed (due to excessive cost and danger) LNG terminal plans along the coast which are being resurrected as a result of the Marcellus boom. This is the 21st century and any and all energy is governed by the global commodities markets.

  4. Thanks for your input. Spread the word!