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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Post It, and t(he)y will come

Guess who's watching?

From all over the world; they come. Google: Susquehanna bubbling methane and you'll end up right here.

From Israel, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Norway and Korea...they come. From Alberta, Denver, Oklahoma City and Houston...they come. From Washington, Harrisburg, Wyalusing and Lake Winola...they come. From marketing firms, law firms, industrial suppliers and "BIG OIL" boardrooms...they come.

And from Venezuela...they come.

For those who feel blogging is a waste of time and of little consequence...guess again.

Like Demosthenes, although we may appear to be railing against the sea in vain...we are not.   

People from all over the world are listening, folks.

Keep at it.


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