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Monday, October 4, 2010

PA Senators Approve Giving Our Tax Dollars to the Drilling Industry

Just when I thought the ince$tuou$ relationship between our elected "leaders" in Harrisburg and the natural gas industry could not become more blatantly apparent, the following headline caught my eye this morning:

The headline pretty much covers it, and believe it or not, our Senate has already approved the bill. Included in the ~$81 million of projects that directly support the natural gas industry are three railroad projects, five hydrofracturing wastewater treatment plants, a Marcellus Shale industrial building, a Marcellus Shale enterprise center, a Marcellus Shale learning resource center and a partridge in a fracking pear tree.

This was among my favorite snippets from the Times-Tribune article:
It's difficult to determine which senators sponsored individual projects, since they were added to the bill as omnibus amendments. 
To the surprise of no one, Senator Joseph Scarnati - who opposes the severance tax on natural gas - has several of the proposed projects landing right in his own legislative district. So-o-o-o...it's not okay to tax the natural gas industry, but it is okay to take my tax dollars to build infrastructure to support the very same industry? In your backyard?!?!?!

Methinks not.  

They are like cowardly thieves in the night, and they need to be removed from office as quickly as possible.

Let's vote them all out.

In the shadow of Independence Hall, let the next American Revolution begin.

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