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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bradford County being Sucked Dry?

A good friend and legendary outdoorsman from Bradford County alerted me to the very tangible impact of the withdrawal of millions of gallons ( & growing ) of water per day from the upper Susquehanna and its tributaries.

From his e-mail:
Towanda Creek named most Endangered Creek in Bradford Country , check out USGS site. Water color light gray and even after half inch of rain, the creek will fall back to its lows. Small fish and other little water life is being suck in by large pumps. River very low for this time of the year. Wells in area at a very low level for this time of year. Mt. Man
Tens of millions of gallons are being withdrawn from this river every day...and drilling has only just started to ramp up. When another 500 or 1,000 wells are ready to get frackin', what will our river look like then?

Does anyone truly believe these folks sitting on their duffs in Harrisburg know what they're doing? The SRBC's rubber stamp approach to approving water withdrawals for drilling needs to be stopped...NOW.


  1. What a sickening shame this is happening. Where are the people to stop this? Are they just standing by and will come forward when the river is gone? Just like the BP mess, people wait until it's at their backdoor, or until it effects their livelyhood, before they speak out against it. If an entire town came out, you better believe this guzzling of water has more of a chance to be stopped. This makes me so angry.

  2. I, too, get a little perturbed at what is going on...or not going on. From my perspective, there are WAY too many egos out there and they are not working together. Plus, they are being way too nice. The BIG OIL industry is absolutely and completely ruthless. I knew that from day one. Our legislators are borderline useless, and the SRBC and DEP are allowing way to many new withdrawal & drilling permits to be approved. Stay tuned to this blog. Something big is a'brewin. PS - Channel that anger - write a letter to the editor.