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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day 2010 - Forty-Fort, PA

This is a continuation of Friday's post.

My earliest and probably clearest memories of my great-grandfather, Edward C. Williams (ECW), centered around the "sitting room" at their home on Wyoming Avenue in Kingston and some pretty ugly painted coconuts hanging on their wall. But, since "Grandpa Eddie" passed away when I was six, I guess I'm pretty lucky to even have that image still etched in my occasionally lost & found memory.

Tomorrow, on Memorial Day 2010, in a small cemetery in Forty-Fort ( Luzerne County, PA, USA ) at ~11 a.m., the Williams family will participate in our 120th consecutive Memorial Day ceremony. My father, who first marched with his grandfather in 1953 upon his return from Korea, can no longer play the fife and is having trouble walking these days. But, having a sense of duty that I only began to understand within the last decade, he will be there to keep the family tradition alive. If my math is correct, this is my dad's 58th year of participation. At the age of 81, his grandfather made it to 70 parades before he passed away on August 13th, 1961. My father will be turning 80 on Flag Day this year, and in addition to yours truly, will be joined by three of his grandchildren again on Monday. One on fife, one on drums, and one on trumpet, they represent the 5th generation of the Williams clan to participate.

I have no doubt whatsoever that Grandpa Eddie will be there to critique every note that I miss...but he'll be smiling for every one that I hit.

I hope he's smiling most of the time.

'Til the last man...

I've been told the pic below was taken on ECW's wedding day.

Below: ECW and his bride, Sarah Maude (Stewart )...~60 years later.

Always a dapper dresser, ECW is seen below with his son Samuel, my grandfather, with the Nicholson RR Bridge in the background.

ECW at home in his kitchen circa 1960. He must have liked that tie.

Below - Memorial Day 2009
ECW's G-G-Grandson, Grandson, G-Grandson, G-G-Granddaughter

Memorial Day 2010 - Take the time to pay tribute to those who served


  1. Great post. Love the photo of ECW looking affectionately at his wife of sixty years. And is that you playing fife in front of Phyllis? Sat that ten times fast. Best, Herb

  2. Yes...that would be me. I'll say "Phyllis, Frack Mountain is a force of unfathomable fierceness" 10 times to Phyllis when I see her today. Get the flag out.