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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Trump: Seven Thumbs Thick?

Methinks not.

Anyone who grasps even the basics of what the end-result of being the biggest guppy in a gilded fishbowl all their life might look and act like is being presented with a case study on an almost hourly basis.

"Seven thumbs thick" is something I recall reading decades ago, and I believe that anyone who aspires to and attains a position of leadership in any setting needs to - as an absolute prerequisite - be able to stand the heat and exercise restraint regardless of the nature of the issue and the person raising it.

Donald John the Lesser has lived his entire adult life as the biggest guppy in a gilded fishbowl. Put another way; a classic schoolyard bully with a clueless cadre of cowering wannabes at his side.

So far, our new President has lived up to my expectations at every turn, as have his mouthpieces and the political sycophants clamoring for a spot in his slowly shrinking shadow.


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