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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Environmental Antichrist now leads EPA

Calling it like I see it, folks.

For those who have stopped by before, you know my background in the environmental sciences and my efforts over the years to protect the environment. For the newbies; I've forgotten more about the science behind environmental issues than the majority of the self-proclaimed "experts" out there.

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt being confirmed as the new EPA Administrator is great news for folks like the Koch brothers and the fossil fuel industry and a death knell for the progress made to protect the environment under most of the previous Administrations. 

As with all things; time will tell...and I hope I'm wrong about Scott Pruitt. In the interim, I'm going to create my own set of the Daggers of Megiddo...just in case. 

In early October last year, one of my college professors, after a span of 40 years, stopped by my home for a visit and dinner. A PhD in a water-related discipline, he spent the majority of his career working for one of the largest corporations in the energy industry and dealt directly with the EPA on multiple issues and helped establish many policies. One of his specialties...fracking fluids. He also lives in Oklahoma.

I've kept in touch with him and many other real environmental experts over the years. Based upon everything I've seen and all that's been confirmed during the past four decades, I feel 100% confident in moving forward in my opposition of the current Administration's environmental policies.

Of course, I'm sure this incredibly well-versed and insanely-intelligent Trump supporter from the Wilkes-Barre PA area would differ with me.


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