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Tuesday, January 26, 2016


This past Saturday, after about ~two hours of working through all of the online fixes & tutorials I could find, I was finally able to repair the glitch in Windows 10 that threw my laptop into a never-ending automatic repair loop. With this post, I'll begin my final countdown.
As a continuation of my Three Years Agone post, I offer the photo below for starters.
I am sitting on the steps that I fell down and  - upon impact - ruptured both quadriceps tendons on. My momentum took me well into the lane, and I crawled/slithered back onto those same steps before I could call 911 and my wife. Shock set in shortly thereafter.
It has been a long road back, and I look forward to what lies ahead.
Speaking of (un)frozen...35" of the white stuff fell in our backyard in SE PA this past weekend.
More in a few.

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