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Monday, January 18, 2016

Oklahoma, Ohio, Alberta: Who's next?

It does not take an I.Q. of 150+, nor should it take a PhD in geology or rock fracture mechanics to understand that you cannot fracture a layer of rock thousands of feet underground and pump it full of liquids and lubricating chemicals under incredibly high ( and unnatural ) pressure without creating some type of reaction.
On this blog, I've been addressing this issue ( the dangers of hydraulic fracturing ) for years and yet, between Oklahoma, and Ohio and now northern Alberta...I continue to read about "seismic events" that are - in my humble opinion - directly tied to fracking and/or deep well injection activity in the areas experiencing repeated earthquakes. 

"Jeffrey Gu, associate professor of geophysics at the University of Alberta, explained to CBC News that the area surrounding Fox Creek has seen hundreds of quakes ranging between 2.0 to 3.0 in the last six months. There were two fairly large quakes in the area, including a 4.4 in January 2015, Gu said. He added that it was “highly probable” the earthquakes were caused by fracking."
Read the rest here.
The industries that have the mo$t to gain from the irre$pon$ible exploitation of our natural re$ource$ continue to pay-off our clueless and spineless "leaders" and confuse the rest of the world with their obfuscatory b*llsh*t.
Are we beyond the tipping point?
Think any of our current crop of presidential candidates have the answers?
Or even a clue where to begin?
My thoughts in a future post.  

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