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Friday, December 18, 2015

Harrisburg & Washington: Casa Castrati

From our toilets, from our sinks, from overland flow and from many other sources, we have been adding/dumping our waste into the Susquehanna River, and - in fact - all of our waterways for well over a century.
Out of sight, out of mind...let the river wash it away.
Yep, that works.
Recent news about the health of the Susquehanna has been circling the web. Endocrine disruptors, herbicides, pathogens and parasites are being offered as an explanation for the decline of the former world-class smallmouth fishery that attracted anglers from hither & yon to the once majestic Susquehanna River.
Read more about it here and here.
I offer that we should add a few more to the list...
...apathy, ignorance and emasculated elected officials.
Dead spot on, Dr. Y.
More in the days ahead.


  1. The report issued by PADEP and PFBC jointly only confuses and deceives. There are no "new" pathogens and parasites, just the same infectious agents that have lived with the smallmouth for decades.
    There is really only one critical
    problem and that is endocrine disruptor chemicals that have impaired the immune system of the fish so that they are unable to protect themselves.
    Those chemicals are the result of the incompetence of agencies that are supposed to be protecting the environment and us. Over six and one-half million (6.5)people along the Susquehanna drink the same tainted water that has made the fish sick.
    William L. Yinglng M.D.

    1. Bill: Agreed. The "and us" is a truism lost on most. I believe we have passed the tipping point, but unlike titration in a controlled environment, we continue to let known toxins & contaminants drip away into the very waters that sustain us. We create and sow the seeds of our own demise.