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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hey Dorothy: How's Life in Oz?

In response to my latest post and my comment on Disqus about this article, I received the following pearl of wisdom: 

If you can't read the fine print:

"This is about quantity- one of the biggest concerns with fracking is the amount of water they are taking out of the natural systems. It is not about quality, as stated."
Now, for the record, either Dorothy or State Impact has removed her comment, but in the event she returned from Oz, I posted the following:


The entire article - and the SRBC's report - addressed water quality. Yet Dorothy, in her infinite wisdom, declared that the report was really about water quantity...
Another fracking expert heard from.
Dorothy, the next time you decide to post a comment, my recommendation is that you do some research first.
Happy Sunday!

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