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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Combined Sewer Overflows: Time for a Change

Combined sewer overflows, which basically allow raw sewage to enter our streams and rivers during heavy rain events, are an outdated design that needs to be replaced. They exist on the Susquehanna and on many other rivers.


Here's a story about what's happening in western PA.

"Tuesday was the first time in three weeks that Kayak Pittsburgh rented boats at its North Shore location near Clemente Bridge because of choppy currents and sewer overflows, manager Vanessa Bashur said." 
And people propose a "fanny float" on the Susquehanna?
One other comment: Several years ago, during a RiverFest event on the Susquehanna, we noticed raw sewage pouring into the river from a CSO in Pittston, PA  near Cooper's. I know for a fact water samples were taken downstream and delivered to the local health department after I and several others raised the issue online and posted pics of young children playing in the river water that same day!
I wonder why the results were never made known to the public? I wonder why no alerts/advisories are issued on the Susquehanna in the Wyoming Valley like they are in western PA? 

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