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Thursday, May 7, 2015

FrankenBass: A Canary with Scales

News about the Susquehanna River and its watershed keeps on coming, and it's not all good.
Read the latest here, on CNN, no less.
Here's another from the Citizen's Voice.
Here's a quote from one of PA's new "experts":
“There is no evidence that carcinomas in fish present any health hazard to humans. However, people should avoid consuming fish that have visible signs of sores and lesions,” Dr. Karen Murphy, acting Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health, said.
No evidence? One data point?

Not really, but there will be more, and when I catch one, I'll deliver it personally to Dr. Murphy to see if she'd be willing to have a fish dinner with me.
Seriously...I never thought I'd be adding latex gloves to my fishing gear.


1 comment:

  1. This one "rare" cancer may only be the tip of the malignant iceberg in the Susquehanna. British researcher Dr. Michael Sweet has demonstrated that many similar black spots on saltwater fish, like those seen on Susquehanna smallmouth, are skin cancer. The PA Fish and Boat Commission has refused my requests to do the necessary testing (immunohistopathology) of a representative sample of smallmouth to either prove or disprove this possibility. 26% of smallmouth had black spots in a recent electroshocking done in the Selinsgrove area. It would be truly alarming if even a portion of this many wild fish had cancer. People all along the Susquehanna continue drinking the water.
    William L. Yingling M.D.