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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Squabbling over the Susquehanna

Please take a few minutes to check out WNEP's post & video on this topic.
Once we began damming the Susquehanna and its tributaries, once we began cutting down the centuries-old forests throughout its watershed, once we began mining its bedrock for coal, once we began diverting our wastewater and storm water directly into the river...its fate was sealed.
This river is in need of help, and in my opinion, a great start would be to get all of the folks from the DEP and PFBC in a really big conference room, lock the doors...and throw away the keys.
When you've read the journals of the earliest of explorers of the Susquehanna; from the 1600's through Sullivan's Campaign in 1779...it is only then will you realize what this river once was and what it will never be again.
It is polluted, and it is impaired.
To the DEP & PFBC:
Stop squabbling and get to work...or get out of the game.  Presently, your conduct is an embarrassment to those who care about the Susquehanna.

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