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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fast & Furious: Fracking Chemicals Migrate

Several years ago, while looking for a specific article where I was quoted a few times about the long since deep-sixed proposed inflatable dam on the Susquehanna River, I found a comment/rebuttal from a PhD at Wilkes University that went something like this:
"Tell us, Don, do you know something we don't know?"
If I would have seen that comment within a few weeks of it being added to the article, I would have replied. However, since it was from ~2006 and the dam was denied in February 2008...and it was ~2012 or later when I tripped across it, I let it ride.
Within the past few days, an article hit The New York Times about fracking chemicals being detected in Bradford County (PA) drinking water. 
Read the details here.
I spent more than a few minutes this morning looking for an older post (~2009/2010?) from my friend and fellow blogger Mark Cour. I gave up due to a lack of time. In it, I responded to a series of questions he asked about drilling, the hydrofracturing process, etc. I don't remember the exact question or my exact response, but I'm pretty sure the issue of wells being eventually contaminated by fracking came up, and I'm equally certain my response was dead center accurate.
So here we are in 2015, less than a decade after the Marcellus Shale drilling frenzy began in northeastern PA...and we have some very credible evidence that - somehow - drinking water wells have been contaminated with chemicals used in fracking.
The whole "not in an anthropomorphic timeframe'' theory has just been shot to hell.   
Am I surprised? Absolutely not.
And there will be more.
    Of course, the industry & its cohorts and self-proclaimed experts have responded by saying we need more tests.
Go figure...

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