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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunrise, coffee....GO!

As with just about every Saturday I can...I began my day watching the sun rise.
After some coffee and a light breakfast, we headed north to Scranton to participate in an Alzheimer's Walk to raise funds & awareness.

Anything for a good cause...

We finished off the day checking out the final resting place of some of my Mom's family.

Busy day today....ripping out the carpeting in our master bedroom. 
I've been looking forward to today for, umm, actually... 
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  1. I am perplexed by the human condition. Retrospectively (in hind sight) people seem to come out in droves with their pink, yellow and blue shirts, sneakers, ribbons and car decals to support the need to find a cure for numerous human diseases. But very few seem to grasp the understanding that the diseases for which they avidly support finding a cure are associated with the environmental chemical pollution in our environment and they should be demanding prevention as strongly as they support finding a cure. But...then perhaps we are so far beyond prevention that...really....does it matter?
    William L. Yingling M.D.

  2. Doc: Agreed. Can't remember the person(s) who came up with "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction..." or something similar. I believe every action has its consequences, and in the overall scheme of things...every action matters. Thanks for your comment. This walk was part of the healing process for our family, especially my wife and her brothers, who lost both parents within six weeks earlier this year. Hopefully, it will bring us all together every year.