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Thursday, October 2, 2014

15 years: Top Posts on Blogger...

Since switching to Blogger in February 2010, these (according to Blogger's data ) are my top 5 most viewed posts:

As I celebrate my 15th Anniversary in Bloggerdom ( my first documented post was on October 1, 1999 ) , I'd like to thank all who stop by from time to time.
I am now decompressing after my employer's fiscal year end. After only six  months on the job, my team and I were able to produce a result that - as recently as a few weeks ago - no one thought was possible. We blew by their "this would be nice" number by over 10%.
Oh, ye of little faith...
I have some posts that I need to wrap up, and I promise I will get to them soon.
circa ~1980
After a hard workout in my basement...it was brewski time!

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