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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

No Stairway to Heaven by DK

A longtime friend from Mayflower and a fellow GAR graduate created this RGP ( Reverse Glass Painting ).
Title? No Stairway to Heaven.
When I saw it, I knew what I had to do.
Separately yet together, he and I have been to many of the same places.
I, too, was at the bottom...but with lots of help, I got up.
In my eyes, each step represents a goal.
The first was walking in the 2013 West Side Memorial Day Parade.
The next was paddling in RiverFest 2013.
Next up...Giant's Despair with a 40 lb. vest.
And the goals to follow?
Stay tuned.
BTW...this is the artist that created the RGP above.
Check out his Visual Dialogue website here.
And if you see something you like...buy it!

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