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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Blanking Balderdash

I'm sure the natural gas industry and its allies will be jumping all over the recently released report that is highlighted in this article on Blank Rome's ( think Michael Krancer ) website.
I'd ask that rather than skimming, you take the time to read the entire article word for word. It gets a little dry at times, condescending at others....but considering who wrote it, that should come as no surprise.
Simply look to the right margin under "Professionals", you'll figure out rest.  
I am not questioning the results of the study, "A Geochemical Context for Stray Gas Investigations in the N. Appalachian Basin: Implications of Analyses of Natural Gases from Neogene-through-Devonian-Age Strata," which was ordered by Chesapeake Energy.
Not at all.
I agree with their findings. It fully supports what I've known for decades and have been saying for years: There is no unfractured and/or impermeable layer of bedrock - or anything else - between the Marcellus Shale formation and the surface.

Once again...remember this post?
Anyway...ponder this: if the "isotopically-fingerprinted" thermogenic gas has already migrated into NEPA's drinking water aquifers - without the benefit of hydrofracturing - how much faster will the toxic chemical cocktail they are pumping underground under extreme pressure find and follow those same pathways which this study proves exist?!?!
The authors of the article linked above are trying to spin this study as bad news for anyone who opposes hydraulic fracturing. I'm guessing they hope others will buy into their spiel.
I say it's anything but that. This is good news. It proves beyond any reasonable doubt that well before hydrofracturing ever started, there were pre-existing pathways between the Marcellus Shale layer and the surface. If all the anti-fracking "experts" out there don't hop on this, it will finally & forevermore confirm my belief that they do not now and never will "get it".

I hope to be proven wrong, and I hope it's sooner vs. later.
BTW- my advice for Mr. Krancer? Go back to that lawyering thing, because you're a lousy scientist and one horrific salesman.
Stay tuned.
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