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Saturday, January 18, 2014

PA: State of Denial

Thanks  to all for permission to post/distribute.

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 From the email Inbox #1:
To: XXXX1971@epix.net ( altered by me )
Sent: Wednesday, January 15, 2014 4:05 PM
Subject: SB 411

            Thank you for contacting my office regarding Senate Bill 411.  SB 411 amends Title 27 (Environmental Resources), specifically the Environmental Good Samaritan Act, by limiting the treatment liability of entities that choose to utilize acid mine drainage (AMD) for hydraulic fracturing of oil/gas wells or other beneficial uses.  The immunity only extends to activities at the site of the AMD, not to subsequent uses of the water taken from the site.  Once the water is removed from the site, the person removing the water assumes full responsibility.

            According to a recent Duke University-led study, using acid mine drainage in the fracking process “could be an effective way to treat Marcellus Shale hydraulic fracturing wastewater, while providing a beneficial use for acid mine drainage that currently is contaminating waterways in much of the northeastern United States.”  AMD is the Commonwealth’s largest source of water pollution, and it is estimated the cleanup cost may exceed $15 billion.  As state and federal resources towards the treatment of AMD continue to decline, Senate Bill 411 offers an innovate approach to maintaining funding for its cleanup while at the same time decreasing the withdrawal demand on fresh water supplies.  This is a win-win situation for the Commonwealth and the environment.

            I’ve worked with the prime sponsor, Senator Kasunic, on an amendment to alleviate concerns raised over the intent of the legislation.  On November 19th, Senate Bill 411 was amended on the floor of the Senate with language that further clarifies the immunity only extends to the site of the discharge and not to any subsequent uses.

            Thank you again for contacting my office with your concerns.



                                                                 GENE YAW

State Senator Gene Yaw (R-23)
362 Main Capitol Building, Senate Box 203023
Harrisburg, PA  17120
From the email Inbox #2:

I sent similar info out to the Northern Tier counties and munis on my contact list.  I thought you might be interested.  We also have an ACTION ALERT on our website for this rulemaking.  We try to simplify the process so that everyone is able to understand the issues and make a relevant comment.
This rulemaking is really under heavy industry attack.  It is really disheartening to me, I sat at the table w them and matters they appeared to be in agmt with, they are now disputing.  I'm trying to get comments where I'm able, and thus the outreach to local govs.

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Lesson #1: The minute you believe Senator Gene Yaw is pro-environment, you are doomed.

Lesson #2: The minute you sit down at the table with the O&G folks believing you can make a difference, you are doomed.
Pass/Fail Pop-Quiz:
Are the Oil and Gas Industry or any of their allies in Harrisburg trustworthy?
Check only one:
Yes __
No __
Class dismissed. Enjoy your weekend.
 P.S. -  Dear Senator Yaw(n): Win-win my keester.

Honey, about the car.....

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