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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

LIVE: DCNR/DEP Hearings @ 10 AM Today

The Senate Hearings regarding the nominations of Ellen Ferretti/DCNR Secretary and Christopher Abruzzo/DEP Secretary will be aired live on PCN+ TV today.
More here.
I have back-to-back interviews scheduled this morning at 9, 10 & 11, so I probably won't be able to watch any portion of the show.
I did send in my comments along with a question for Ms. Ferretti to a member of the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee.
Hope all who visit this morning get a chance to tune in.
For the record:
Dear Mr. Fox:

Thank you for your response. 
Since the public is not allowed to offer comments during the hearing, I will not be driving the 2+ hours to attend the hearing tomorrow.
However, please pass along the following to Senator Yudichak:
* As a citizen of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I am fully opposed to the appointment of Christopher Abruzzo to DEP Secretary. He has neither the education, experience nor background to be qualified for such a critical role.
* I am a 1978 graduate of Wilkes College with a degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences. I was a classmate of DCNR-nominee Ellen Ferretti, and have kept in touch with her many times over the years since we graduated, primarily on environmental issues. When it comes to the science of the environment, I know what she knows. 
* I feel Ellen Ferretti is far more qualified to become DEP Secretary than Mr. Abruzzo, and would fully support her nomination and appointment to that role. 
* I also feel that public hearings should be held to allow the citizens of Pennsylvania to weigh in on these two extremely important nominations or, at minimum, an extended comment period be established to accept comments before the nominations are voted upon.
* Finally, I would request that this 2-part question be posed to Ms. Ferretti, verbatim:
"You studied the environmental sciences at Wilkes University, and you therefore should be very familiar with the highly folded/fractured nature of bedrock in the Marcellus Shale region. Based upon your formal education, do you believe it is possible that, over any period of time, substances pumped underground as part of the hydraulic fracturing process could eventually migrate toward the surface and, if so, why should we allow hydrofracturing to take place anywhere in our Commonwealth, especially our pristine state forests?"

Thank you for your time. 

Sent from my iPad
Don Williams

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