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Friday, December 27, 2013

December 27: Conestoga Massacre @ 250

Today marks the 250th anniversary of the December 27th massacre of defenseless men, women and children in Lancaster PA. Less than two weeks after the first attack on the peaceful Conestogas, it was an event that had repercussions for decades, and now...centuries.
You can read more about it in this prior post.
And here's another older post with a lot of links.
As Christmas gifts this year, I received three books about the Susquehannocks and other tribes in PA covering their time here from ~the last Ice Age to the modern day. I'm halfway through the first book, and look forward to diving into the other two as soon as possible.
I am a descendant of Lazarus Stewart of the Paxton Boys. In college, I dated a girl for several years whose mother was an Elder from Jersey Shore, PA. Coincidence, or not?
Many years ago, I wondered what drew me to the Susquehanna River.
I've stopped wondering.
More in a few.

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