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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I thought I put it...

...right there.

And so went the past ~week ripping through boxes looking for the folder that contained my father's eulogy. During the first ~two months of my recover/rehab this year, I spent most of my days in bed or in a wheelchair going through boxes of old pics and paperwork. I pitched quite a few large bags of useless documents & junk, and in the process, buried some still "important" stuff that I decided to save - including my father's eulogy - in boxes that I'll probably end up pitching in the future.
After several hours of searching over the past few days, I finally found the two missing pages last night and will be posting the same in the next day or two.
In the interim, I attended a showing of Gasland II in center city Philadelphia on Monday night. When everyone filtered in, I'm guesstimating there were close to 100 folks there, including many of the movers & shakers of the anti-fracking insurgency in SEPA.

Did I say that?

Anyway, I snagged a few pics, posters and fliers while there. More on my observations of the meeting and Josh Fox's latest offering in a few.

Thanks to all who took the time to organize and attend the event.

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