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Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Vigil: Day 2

After arriving at my father's assisted living facility in the afternoon on 10/23, my sister and I alternated shifts for a ~3 day vigil. Wherever my father was, he wasn't awake and he was non-responsive. For the most part, he seemed comfortable and at peace.

We called his grandkids, other family members and his American Legion/VFW buddies to let them know my Dad was failing. I think I stayed in the chair next to his bed the first night. Not knowing what to expect or when...I didn't catch too many ZZZZZ's. Once my sister came in the following morning, it was off to McD's for some coffee.

Most of my father's closest family members, primarily our children, came in to see him on the 24th. He never regained consciousness while they were there, but did raise an eyebrow now and then as they were talking to him. We continued our vigil throughout the day, and I think my sister took the second night shift. I crashed and burned at Gus Genetti's.

We were expecting the worst, so with limited exceptions, one of us was always at his side. And then, ~36 hours into our vigil, we had an unexpected surprise.

More to follow.


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