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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dimock Moves to Northwestern PA?

"After years of virulent anti-fracking efforts, some residents of northwestern Pennsylvania may be changing their tune."
Sorry folks, I could not pass that one up.
Read the rest of the recent Forbes article here.
As you can see from the most visited posts to the left margin in this blog, my Breathe Easy Susquehanna County post has held the top spot for the past few days. I may even be getting more hits than BECS's Facebook page.
I'm the #2 return on a Google search right now.
To my point; the author of the Forbes article, Loren Steffy, has as his byline: I write about the crossroads of energy and money. So anyone reading his article would assume he's really in tune with what's going on. Perhaps even, dare I use the term, an "expert"?
Perhaps Mr. Steffy should take some of the money he earned from that piece and buy a map of Pennsylvania. And a primer on proofreading.
Another "expert" heard from.
And Forbes pays for stuff like that?
In closing, I'll share another pearl from Loren's masterpiece.
"Those who see Switzer as a sellout are missing the bigger picture. Many who opposed fracking may not have understood the complex geological issues involved. They may not have even established cause-and-effect between the drilling process and issues such as methane in their water supplies."
So, reading between the lines as best I can...is he saying Victoria Switzer - or anyone else who has taken this ill-advised tack -  now understand(s) all of the "complex geological issues" that she didn't understand when she was more a more virulent anti-fracker? 
With all due respect, I highly doubt it.
Reading articles like Mr. Steffy's are slowly weaning me away from the need for coffee in the morning.
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