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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Blogging: Year #15, Day #1

The first post I bothered to print & retain a copy of was dated 10/3/1999.
So today, I officially begin my 15th year of this thing of ours called "blogging."
I began blogging before use of the word became commonplace. My love for the Susquehanna River, and my belief that I needed to do anything I could to protect her has kept me in the fray all these years. First it was the proposed inflatable dam, and then the ongoing assault on everyone and everything in the Marcellus Shale Zone. Hundreds of hours, thousands of miles, uncounted $ and a million+ keystrokes have gone into the latter effort alone. 

For the record: that phase of my activism ends today.
I'll reminisce further at some other point in time, as I'm heading into work a little early today.
Switching to my backyard...here's another article brought to my attention by a fellow blogger yesterday about the storm clouds gathering over southeastern PA.

I knew this was coming. Been prepping for it for years.
My turf...my turn.

My sincerest thanks to all who visit and keep me believing that, in some small way, my efforts here are worthwhile. 
Is this a rising or a setting sun over the South Newark Basin?
Kudos to Ben.

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