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Friday, October 4, 2013

As Sentinel: Shale from Shinola


This recent article by StateImpact has a few good links if you want to begin learning more about the next potential shale play in SE-PA.

Here's an anonymous ( of course ) comment I snagged from one of the linked articles.

"I live in Bucks Co. and would love to have some economic development take place around natural gas.  A few problems with these basins are 'shallow' depths and low economic volume ratios.  Natural gas prices are well below $2 now and will not support what the Newark Basin will provide.  But....a small company looking to provide a smaller volume of gas for local use could have great cost-savings to an entity.  For all the people worrying about the hydraulic fracturing...rest assured that if the situations are right for fracking the driller/company would not fracture the rock.  Fracking is expensive and depends heavily on the geology.  If the geology isn't right, whey would they waste their money/efforts to try?  Basic economic sense will keep fracking safe along with API and state guidance.In short, drilling in Bucks County would be a great thing from an economic and "green" resource point of view.  What are we waiting for?I am a geologist with shale gas experience, but do not work for the oil and gas industry."

Get ready folks. The full-scale South Newark Basinvasion by the natural gas industry is definitely just around the corner, and many clueless landowners are already dreaming about spending the money they hope to get by leasing their land. I've personally witnessed the glazed look in their eye$ several times in the past year or so.

Absolute Greed: Pure and $imple.
For every minute of "active" activism I've put in over the past two decades, I've invested quintuple that amount of time just watching; what worked...what didn't. What struck a chord with the industry and/or fracktivists, and what didn't. Who the folks are that deserve my support, and who doesn't know "shale from shinola."
Any I've very closely watched who's watching me.

Does it appear that I have any cares or concerns?
                                                                                               Photo courtesy M. Cour
Stay tuned.

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