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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Somewhere Out There...

...my final post awaits.

As in a few days I will celebrate my 14th anniversary of "blogging", I'm guessing that final proffering is well down the road. For some unknown reason, I enjoy this...with an occasional break to regroup as needed. 

Below: An even earlier post...exact date unknown.
Where I will end up, no one knows. But until I get there, I want to thank everyone for stopping by from time to time, offering comments, and making my journey in cyberspace a worthwhile adventure.
Like paddling into an early morning fog on the Susquehanna, I have a general idea of what lies ahead, but I'm always at the ready for a change in direction if it becomes necessary.
Scene from Brule 1: August 2004
Vestal NY to Sunbury, PA
My son and I on the Susquehanna
October ~2003
Someday, my morning commute will end somewhere like this.

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