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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kanjo, Dr. Don and Same Old Same Old

I am still wading through the boxes of "stuff" that I removed from my Dad's property over the past few months.
Yesterday, while unwrapping some dishes found in a box in the basement, I noticed part of a familiar face - albeit much younger - staring back at me from one of the pieces of newspaper ( from October 1984 )  that were used to wrap the plates & saucers handed down from my grandparents. 
In the first pic below, check out what people considered to be "the issues" from 25+ years ago.

Seriously? Almost half the folks in Luzerne County/D-11 couldn't name a campaign issue? And, surprise - surprise;  jobs, unemployment & the economy topped the list for those who could.
I wonder, is that our current administration's fault, too?
Per the poll above, the "environment" was sixth on the list of important issues in 1984.
This article was on the same page. My, how times haven't changed...
I decided not to go digging for the rest of the article on page 14A.
'Nuff said above.
Finally, as many know, I lectured about the geology/geomorphology of northeastern PA as part of an Independent Research project @ Wilkes College some 35 years ago. The series of lectures was so well-received that I started getting added to several mailing lists that were otherwise intended for the real professors at Wilkes. For the record, I never presented myself as being anything beyond a college student that was presenting an independent research project.
Anyway, we found the envelope below in a box containing my college books and related paperwork that I went through yesterday evening. Never thinking I had actually saved it, I got a chuckle when I first saw it, and what I definitely remember about similar mail I received in my senior year was that at least one of the more tenured PhD's in the EnviSci Dept. did not take kindly to seeing a mere student getting mail addressed to "Dr. Don Williams, Prof Geology."
Hey, I couldn't help it if my lectures were that good...
So folks, when you see me railing against some of the more clueless anti-fracking and/or self-proclaimed environmental "experts" out there in a future post, I hope you'll realize that, at some point in the past, I knew my stuff.
Still do.  


  1. Don, that is really funny! Actually I think students can really speak the truth perhaps without being totally aware of it, and then older people try to ignore them. We oldsters want so much to hold on to what we think we know! Nothing's changed. The other side of the coin is how much the younger generation ignores the wisdom of their elders. What it boils down to is- wherever truth comes out, it should be honored. Would you agree, Dr. Don?☺