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Friday, September 13, 2013

Drumbeats Through Time

Great event, folks.

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One day - many years ago - on one of our annual paddling/fishing trips on the Susquehanna, as we were rounding a bend in the river near Homet's Ferry, we began to hear the rhythmic pounding of drumbeats somewhere off in the distance. It was a spectacular early October day, cool and crisp, with blue skies overhead and the autumn leaves blazing away at their absolute zenith of colors. For me, the slowly growing pulse of drumbeats resonating throughout the valley elevated that time and place to an almost ethereal level.

I was there...and yet I was definitely somewhere else.
Muffled at first, the drumming grew louder as we paddled further downstream.  When we were just about at the exact point where we thought we would be able to see the source of the din, which I was almost certain would be a Native American drum circle...they stopped.
And then - nothing. Nothing but the noise of the shifting autumn breezes, the rustling leaves, and our paddles drawing through the cool, clear water. That moment will never leave me.
I miss times like that on the Susquehanna. Soon enough, I'll be back and, perhaps, I'll be fortunate enough to hear those drumbeats again.

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Photo above courtesy of Steve Pidcock
 To all who visit: Peace.  

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