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Monday, July 8, 2013

Forty-Forty Meeting House: A Haunted Story

Folks, I had the rare opportunity to spend some time on the second story of the Forty-Fort Meeting House this past 4th of July.

As one of the oldest ( circa 1807 ) structures in the Wyoming Valley, I have stopped by for brief tours many times over the years...but I was never able to ascend the 200+ year old steps to the upper level until last Thursday.

I am still trying to figure out what I recorded on a brief video I shot on the second floor. My camera's recording ( audio portion ) and my recollection of what was going on just aren't reconciling...if you get my drift.


This place has been recently visited by some of those paranormal investigative folks. From what I've been told, they saw "something" through the second floor windows from across the street. I am going to try to track them down and have them listen to my audio clip.
More in a few; I have some busy days ahead. I took a "dry run" into the office on Sunday, and all went fairly well. I believe I'll be released to return to work soon, so I've got some ducks to get lined up before I put on a tie again.
BTW - for anyone interested, there will be a vesper service at the Forty-Fort Meeting House on Sunday, September 29th. I hope to be there.
More later - I have a garden to tend to.  No spirits...just hungry bunnies.

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