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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Scorpions, Ghosts & Groundhogs in the Garden

My mishap earlier this year caused me to significantly curtail my plans for a full-blown garden in 2013, so in late March I decided that - in addition to growing a supply of our favorite herbs in containers - I would scale things down quite a bit and focus on growing ultra-hot peppers...plus a few cherry ( Sweet 100 ) tomato plants.
As of now, I have 6 Trinidad Scorpions, 15 Bhut Jolokia Ghosts, and ~20 (varied) Habanero pepper plants that I started from seed well underway. Our soil here in most of Montgomery County is a very rocky red clay, but I've decided that rather than take the easy way out and have soil trucked in, I will work over the next few years to slowly sift out the rocks and amend the soil with grass clippings and shredded leaf mulch ( both free and plentiful ) and anything else I can compost.  

Provided our resident population of deer, ground hogs, rabbits and who knows what else doesn't trample and/or consume my plants, I should have an abundance of insanely hot peppers in a few months.


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