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Monday, June 3, 2013

Double Quad Blog/Bliary

Shortly after I began my post surgery rehab at home in mid-January, I spent quite a bit of time on the internet doing research to learn all I could about my injury. Most of the "stuff" I found was written by medical professionals and, quite honestly, was either too technical or way too short to cover all I was interested in knowing.

I knew what my injuries were, and what they did surgically to repair them. I also knew how rare a complete bilateral quad tendon rupture was. What I wanted to know - at the time - was how far did folks with similar injuries come back, and how long did it take them?

Outside of anecdotal tales from my physical therapists and orthopedic surgeon about case studies and the like, I really did not find too much in the way of direct first-hand experience until I tripped across this blog/bliary a few days ago:

Anyway, I immediately wrote to Jim Clawson, and heard back from him a few days later. Hopefully, I will be able to add my "Double Quad" story to his bliary in the next week or two.
Jim posted quite a few pics from his time in BQR rehab, and also gave some great narrative descriptions of all of the mini-milestones we "BQR's"  had the mutual joy of experiencing along the way.
Ahhh yes, the first time I was able to walk - unaided - to the bathroom. I remember it well.
Moving forward, I have decided that I will close out the latest chapter of my ongoing rehab saga in the next few weeks by walking - sans braces &/or crutches - up some little hill in northeastern PA called Giant's Despair.  Heck, I may even break out in a little trot as I blow through Devil's Elbow. Or maybe just walk a little faster...
It'll be on a weekend, so if anyone wants to join me...give me a shout. With my luck in 2013, I will probably pick the hottest day of the year.
More in a few.

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