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Thursday, May 30, 2013

As time marches on...

I'm sure there was a reason why, on Memorial Day 2013, and elderly couple from Germany - on their first visit to America - found their way to the Forty-Fort Cemetery in northeastern Pennsylvania.
I'm sure there was a reason their daughter asked to have a picture taken with us.
I'm sure...but I just don't know why.
Four great-great-grandchildren of Edward C. Williams ( 1880-1961 ) (and Sarah Maude Stewart ( 1879-1960 )), who first marched in this parade with his brothers on Decoration Day in 1891, participated - for the 123rd consecutive year - in the West Side Memorial Day parade.
Andrew carried the flag.
Lisa played the fife.
Bryan played the drum.
And Lauren played "Taps."  
And somewhere, I'm sure - Ed, Tom and Sam Williams smiled.
As did my father.
All photos by D. LeVasseur
In tribute.

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