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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Recycling History

I continue to spend a few hours each day going through old boxes, and each investigative effort brings new discoveries.

Both postcards below depict scenes from over 100 years ago in Wilkes-Barre, PA. One of the cards includes "Copyright 1906", and both have a whopping domestic postage rate of one cent. The presence of elm trees, especially in the second pic, is something we are missing from today's streetscapes.

The third pic of a Kingston (PA) Cake Company truck includes my paternal grandfather, Samuel Lewis Williams; front row-right. The final item is a Christmas card sent to my paternal great-grandfather's family in 1925.

I can assure you this card did not come from Hallmark.
Anyway...today is electronics recycling day in this generation's Williams household. I know, somewhere in our attic, is an old IBM PS/2 desktop computer (circa 1987) with a humongous 10 MB hard drive that needs to be recycled.
Enjoy your weekend.

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