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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Talisman Terry: What Color is a Lie?

I'm sure everyone remembers Talisman Terry, the friendly dinosaur wearing a hardhat in a coloring book that was yanked from distribution shortly after it appeared.

Well, Terry's parent company, Talisman Energy, is in the news yet again.  A couple from Warren Center PA abandoned their home on March 10th due to ongoing water quality and health-related problems they have been experiencing since Talisman began drilling and then fracking a well ~200 yards from their home. 

An online subscription is needed to view the entire article, but here's a link to the headline.

Funny thing; the other local ( Bradford County ) newspaper - the one that gets quite a bit of advertising revenue from the natural gas industry - seemed to avoid miss covering this story.

Wonder why...?
Anyway, the PA DEP is on top of this latest screw-up occurrence in the Marcellus Shale region, and I'm sure they will be burying releasing their findings in the very near future.
Just don't hold your breath...unless you're downwind from Talisman's well site. 
"Tom says Talisman officials have told him that his medical problems have nothing scientifically to do with fracking, but the company is continuing an investigation into problems at the Chaffee’s house. Last week Talisman voluntarily delivered a buffalo water tank, which supplies the home with water so the Chaffees don’t have to rely on their well water."

  Graphic created by Don Williams - March 2013


  1. Great observation! It's all very dark and slimy.

  2. Thanks, Mehoopany Mountain Man. Glad to see you around again.