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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Desultory MishMosh and Krancer's DEP

I want to touch base on a couple of issues, so here goes:
Thanks to all for the continued well-wishes for my recovery. My outside rehab is in week #2, and so far, it's going very well. My therapist has worked with two double-quad rupturees (sp?) in the past, so based upon that knowledge, her approach to me as a person and as a patient, and the progress I've seen to far...I'm pretty confident I'm in good hands.
Above/Below: Pics of my great-grandfather - Edward C. Williams (far left)
Above: Dated on back of photo @ 1918 -  Below: ~1930's?
I've already been contacted by the folks organizing the 2013 West Side Memorial Day Parade. It is my goal to be able to participate without braces and crutches. More to follow.
I have protested in front of the PA DEP headquarters building in Harrisburg several times, including on Earth Day. This year, I'm thinking of another Harrisburg location to set up shop on Monday, April 22nd. More to follow.
Finally - for today anyway - I'm sure everyone has heard about the most recent fraccident at a natural gas well near Tunkhannock ( Wyoming County, PA ) that's been all over the news in NEPA.  What many may have missed is this comment entered online on Thursday, March 14th:
"The incident started last night and DEP responded this afternoon. Wonder what testing was done while the incident was happening since not everyone did evacuate. Depending on who is being the spokesperson you get a different answer. This is just a few miles from my home. Plus there is a second incident. . .a drill mud blowout in Meshoppen Creek, one mile from the well incident. which myself and a friend discovered today when taking the detour due to the well incident. Called DEP and they said it the drilling mud is coming up through cracks in the rocks in the creek. He indicated they have been many problems drilling under the creek and the impacted creek has been going on for one month. . . yet we don't hear anything about in the news. Our waterways and what happens to them should get media attention. Makes one wonder how many more incidents aren't being reported to the residents who live in the areas."
Thank you, Audrey.
Imagine that. There are problems drilling under Meshoppen Creek - a coldwater fisherythe DEP knows about it...and is keeping that knowledge from the citizens of the commonwealth of PA that they are supposed to serve.
Student of Scripture? What happened to "Do Unto Others...?

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  1. Got this today from Rep. Gerry Mullery (D-119):


    "Fishing forum Thursday at LCCC

    "I will host a forum for anglers on Thursday, March 21 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Luzerne County Community College’s Educational Conference Center, 1333 S. Prospect St., Nanticoke.

    "Local representatives from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission will provide a brief presentation, and then answer your questions. Times Leader outdoors writer Tom
    Venesky will also attend."

    Thursday is coming up quick - I wounder if any clean-water enthusiasts will be able to stop by to provide some input to Rep. Mullery and the folks from the Fish and Boat Commision.