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Sunday, March 10, 2013

PA SB 411: Another Gift to the Natural Gas Industry


Thanks to everyone who responded to my email yesterday and got the word out regarding PA SB 411. As of this morning, anyone using Google to find info on this bill would get the following results:

This bill and imminent vote was brought to my attention yesterday.

Guess we know who's in bed with the NGI folks.

Read the entire bill here.

More importantly, read a legal memorandum dated 08 March 2013 - posted with permission - here. Pay special attention to the conclusion in Section III on pages 14 & 15.
 In a nutshell, this act proposes to grant an "expansive scope" of immunity to anyone that uses AMD, including injecting Acid Mine Water underground as part of the hydrofracturing process. 
I've been told this bill is due for a vote tomorrow, 3/11/2013.

 AMD: Coming to an aquifer near you?


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