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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ben Franklin - A Message from 1764

In reviewing prior December posts, I decided to link back to this 2010 offering regarding the events of December 27th, 1763.
However, I will add a new historical tidbit to my annual Suquehannock tribute by quoting from the book below printed/written by Benjamin Franklin in 1764.

Now, for a moment, please fast forward to 2012 and the recent/tragic event in Newtown, CT.
Hold that thought.
On the last page of a book written in 1764, Benjamin Franklin chose to close with the following:
+  +  +
"I shall conclude with observing, that Cowards can handle Arms, can strike where they are sure to meet with no Return, can wound, mangle and murder; but it belongs to brave Men to spare, and to protect; for, as the Poet says,
--------Mercy still sways the Brave. "
F   I   N   I   S
+  +  +
The events in Lancaster PA in 1763 were tragic.
The events in Newtown CT in 2012 were tragic.
This time around, let's hope we're able to find a few brave men and women with the courage and the resolve to do the right thing.
May they all rest in Peace.

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