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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Another Mystery to Solve

I received an email yesterday from someone in NEPA asking for more information about the 1757 massacre in the Wyoming Valley. After I responded, I decided to do a little online digging to see what else I might discover about the Utter family, which led me to this website about early inhabitants of the Wyoming Valley which I don't recall visiting before. It took me about 10 minutes to quickly scroll/scan through all the pages.

Anyway, check out the information below, and keep the boldprinted text in mind for a post I plan in the next week or so:
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Alexander Ricketts was admitted to the bar of Luzerne county
September 28, 1888. He was born in this city October 29, 1866,
and is the eldest son of Agib Ricketts, who was admitted to the
bar of Luzerne county January 6, 1857. (See page 105.) Alex-
ander Ricketts was educated in the public schools of his native
city, and read law with his father. His mother, Annie Elder
Ricketts [nee Piper), was a daughter of Alexander M. Piper,
born in 1786 in Bedford, Pa., and married in 18 16 to Ann
Espy Elder, a daughter of Samuel Elder, who was born Feb-
ruary 27, 1772, and died at Harrisburg September 26, 18 15.
He was a soldier in the expedition westward in 1794, and held a
position in the military establishment of 1798. He filled the
office of sheriff of Dauphin county from October 23, 1800, to
October 21, 1803. He married, March 7, 1793, Margaret Espy,
daughter of Josiah Espy and Annie Kirkpatrick, daughter of
William Kirkpatrick. George Espy, who married Mary Stewart,
was a brother of Josiah Espy. The former was the ancestor of
John Espy and Barnett M. P^spy, of the Luzerne bar. Samuel
Elder was the son of Rev. John Elder and his second wife, Mary
Simpson, daughter ^of Thomas Simpson. Rev. John Elder was
born in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, January 26, 1706. He died July 17, 1792, in Paxtang township, Dauphin county. Pa. In 1732 he was licensed to preach the gospel, and four or five years later he emigrated to America. He subsequently became the leader of the Paxtang Boys. He afterwards was appointed colonel by the provincial authorities, the date of his commission being July ii, 1763. He had command of the block-houses and stockades from Easton to the Susquehanna. His father was Robert Elder,
born about 1679 in Scotland; emigrated from Lough Neagh,
county Antrim, Ireland, where he had previously settled, to
America, about 1730, locating in Paxtang township. He died
July 28, 1746.

+  +  +
Speaking of old stuff, does anyone remember when a visit to the Dr.'s office cost $5.00?
My grandfather, Samuel L. Williams, was 21 years old when he saw Dr. Grover. Or was it for my great-great grandfather, Samuel J. Williams, who died in 1938?
Another mystery to solve...
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks. 

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